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News: 2022

Stepping into Spring!

There’s a buzz in the air as we all start to look forward to less Covid restrictions and longer warmer springlike days.

Visitors have been welcomed back, as many of the Covid requirements for care homes have been reduced or removed. It is lovely to see our residents’ families again, and we are pleased to be able to make new relationships with families who’s loved ones have made Hampton House their home during the Covid pandemic.

Our residents have started venturing outside into our beautiful gardens for walks, on a more regular basis now the weather has become warmer. Our staff team are always on hand to provide support and encouragement to those residents who need some help. The snow drops have already pushed their way through and the yellow daffodils always make us feel cheery.

We have an actioned-packed Entertainments and Activities program for March, for those residents who wish to join in. Reminiscence sessions, craft, quizzes, discussion groups, music, special themed lunch days, flower arranging, poetry, drinks parties to name a few of our planned events.

We are all feeling optimistic for the future months and Spring is just around the corner - “Yippee”!

Queen Elizabeth II - Jubilee Celebrations

We are looking forward to an action packed week full of Jubilee Celebrations to celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II on the throne.

Our decorations are up! The flags are flying and our residents are getting set for Jubilee themed lunches, quizzes and our planned parties.

A number of our residents can remember the Queen’s Coronation and our reminiscence sessions will no doubt reveal lots of memories of the event, and the Royal Family over the years.

We are all hoping the sun shines on this special weekend which will make our celebrations even more enjoyable.

Hasn't it been hot?

Hasn't it been hot?

Summer has certainly been a hot and sunny one, so far this year!

Trying to stay cool has been a challenge for our residents and staff. Our Foot Spa has been a Godsend for everyone. It does seem to bring our temperatures down just by bathing our feet in the cool water. We decided to relax our staff uniform requirements when the temperatures were heading to the high 30’s and this helped us a little bit to “Keep cool and carry on”. Our staff and visitors are still required (government requirements) to wear face masks - this too has contributed to making everyone feel even hotter.

Our gardens are looking superb - even if we say so ourselves! We know we are lucky to have such a tranquil spot to enjoy. The plants are growing healthily across the top of our pergola and this has become a popular place to sit and have a natter with families and friends. Many of our residents head outside on a daily basis. Some can manage independently while others need the help and support from our team. Sometimes a whizz in the wheelchair around the path to inspect the plants is the boost that our less mobile residents need to keep them feeling involved.

Our entertainments program continues in full swing although we have reduced some of the more physical activities to help us cope with the heat! We’ve enjoyed a nautical day, Chinese themed menu, American Independence Day, Wimbledon Teas, Picnic style supper, Cheese & Wine evenings to name but a few of our events. We have lots exciting entertainment planned for August to include a Caribbean themed day and Pimms on the Patio!

Let’s hope this glorious summer continues while we continue to enjoy the blue skies and summer sunshine!

Our delightful lounges are cosy and calm!

Our delightful lounges are cosy and calm!

Life outside Hampton House appears to be in turmoil!

Politicians at each others throats, crisis with our economy and the hideous and escalating the war in Ukraine.

“Well we can’t change any of that. Can we?” remarked one of our residents. “We can focus on making each day count”. Wise words, from a wise man!

It’s raining heavily today, and we are all ensconced in our warm and cosy home. The communal areas are decked with Autumnal decorations and this has added to our inclusive and happy atmosphere.

Our Activities and Entertainments programme is jam packed with events for residents to choose from. We have some avid and clever Scrabble players amongst our residents and most afternoons the board is set up for more competitive play!

Many of our residents spend most of their day sitting and chatting with one another. Friendships blossom and laughter is often the tonic that many of our elderly folk need. The view of our beautiful garden and plants adds to the comfortable communal areas.

Visitors often remark that our home feels like a small hotel!

We've been stirring up our Christmas pudding!

We've been stirring up our Christmas pudding!

What is stir-up Sunday?

On Stir-Up Sunday, families gather together to mix the Christmas pudding. Each member of the family takes a turn in stirring the mixture whilst making a wish. The pudding should be stirred from east to west, in honour of the Magi (Wise Men) who came from the east to visit the baby Jesus.

Our residents joined together to help make and stir-up our Christmas pudding. Memories were shared of Christmases past and plans were made for happy Christmas celebrations this year.

A slosh or two of brandy was added to the Christmas pudding mixture, with supervision and encouragement from our Chef Manager, Sharon.

Christmas carols and mulled wine helped us to get in the mood and have kicked off our festive celebrations.

Our Mission Statement

"To provide a distinctive individual care experience, which exceeds each resident's expectations and makes us feel proud and unique."