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News: April 2021

2nd Vaccinations are completed!

2nd Vaccinations are completed!

The Covid-19 vaccination program has been rolled out to our vulnerable residents and all staff that work in the home. Our vaccination uptake has been welcomed and a sense of relief and optimism, because we have had “our jabs”, has started to trickle around the home.

We have extended our visiting to indoor nominated visitors - it has been fantastic for our residents to be able to hold hands with their loved ones again. Our purpose built Visitor Booth has been providing safe and comfortable visiting and our appointment arrangements are working effectively. Outdoor visiting has commenced again and this has made it possible for flexible visits for families and friends.

We are all feeling more hopeful and optimistic especially with the warm and sunny days that arrived last week. Let’s hope the sun shines again soon and we can start to enjoy our beautiful rear garden.

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