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News: January 2021

Our residents receive 1st Covid-19 Vaccinations

Our residents receive 1st Covid-19 Vaccinations

On Wednesday 29th December 2020, our residents received the first Covid-19 vaccination to help protect them from the deadly Coronavirus disease.

In order for the attending doctor and nurse from Leckhampton Surgery, to spend the minimum amount of time in the home as possible, the residents were congregated in the communal lounge to receive their vaccines.

Cardigans and jackets were removed, sleeves rolled up, and the speedy process of inoculating the residents went ahead, in a swift and efficient manner. Our Manager had arranged for all the necessary vaccination consent forms to be made ready in advance of the doctor’s visit, so that everyone was informed and ready!

The residents joked and chatted with the care home staff and one another, while the doctor’s work was carried out. Staff were close by, and offered help and support to those residents who needed it. The doctor commented positively on the efficiency and support that he was given by the staff team, and he complimented the preparations that had been made ready.

No adverse affects have been suffered, and a wave of relief and hope has spread through the home. We know that the vaccination may take up to 21 days before it has taken its full affect. We await confirmation for the date of the second vaccination, and realise that may be anything between 3 and 12 weeks time.

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