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News: 2021

Our residents receive 1st Covid-19 Vaccinations

Our residents receive 1st Covid-19 Vaccinations

On Wednesday 29th December 2020, our residents received the first Covid-19 vaccination to help protect them from the deadly Coronavirus disease.

In order for the attending doctor and nurse from Leckhampton Surgery, to spend the minimum amount of time in the home as possible, the residents were congregated in the communal lounge to receive their vaccines.

Cardigans and jackets were removed, sleeves rolled up, and the speedy process of inoculating the residents went ahead, in a swift and efficient manner. Our Manager had arranged for all the necessary vaccination consent forms to be made ready in advance of the doctor’s visit, so that everyone was informed and ready!

The residents joked and chatted with the care home staff and one another, while the doctor’s work was carried out. Staff were close by, and offered help and support to those residents who needed it. The doctor commented positively on the efficiency and support that he was given by the staff team, and he complimented the preparations that had been made ready.

No adverse affects have been suffered, and a wave of relief and hope has spread through the home. We know that the vaccination may take up to 21 days before it has taken its full affect. We await confirmation for the date of the second vaccination, and realise that may be anything between 3 and 12 weeks time.

1st Covid-19 vaccinations completed!

All our residents and staff have been offered a Covid-19 vaccination – such great news. These vaccines will provide us with some additional protection from contracting Covid-19, and keeping Covid-19 out of Hampton House.

We do not have any indication yet, of dates for any second doses of the vaccine for our residents. Our staff have been provided with dates for second doses of the vaccine. It is not certain if these will go ahead, and will depend upon the national availability of the vaccine.

We have been constantly reviewing the national Covid-19 situation. Due to the continued “National Lockdown”, continuously high number of new infections, the high numbers of Covid-19 related deaths, and the new concerns about the spread of the South African Covid-19 variant, we don’t have any specific dates for our Visitor Booth to reopen.

If there are particular individual situations when it becomes necessary for visitors to be admitted, arrangements will be made on an individual basis and only for essential reasons, for the time being.

We are all remaining as upbeat as possible, during these wintery months. We have lots of activities and entertainments taking place throughout the day and the atmosphere is positive and happy. We have all started to look forward to, and talk about the arrival of Spring. The daylight is noticeably longer and this is contributing to our hopeful outlook for the future.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) - recent inspection.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) - recent inspection.

We received notification from the Care Quality Commission, CQC, of their planned to visit Hampton House, and carry out a “targeted inspection” of infection prevention control (IPC), on 3rd February 2021. The purpose of the visit was to review the infection prevention control procedures we have put in place since the Coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020.

Statement from the CQC - “We carried out this inspection under Section 60 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 as part of our regulatory functions. This inspection was planned to check whether the provider is meeting the legal requirements and regulations associated with the Health and Social Care Act 2008. As part of CQC’s response to care homes with outbreaks of coronavirus, we are conducting reviews to ensure that the Infection Prevention and Control practice was safe, and the service was compliant with IPC measures. This was a targeted inspection looking at the IPC practices the provider has in place.”

The findings of the two inspectors who visited, confirmed they were happy with all the prevention methods that we had put in place. Kim Roch, our Manager and Roz Elliott our Registered Person and owner, carried out the review process. We have all been delighted to know the inspection confirmed all the relevant control measures were in place and they were effective. The CQC report has now been published on the CQC website, for those who want to read it in more detail.

Our staff, residents and their families are very relieved and proud that, to date, WE HAVE NOT HAD ANY COVID-19 IN THE HOME SINCE THE PANDEMIC BEGAN. A true testament to the dedication of the staff, the safety measures we have put in place, and the swift management response and the actions we have taken to help control the risk of Covid infection.

Visitor Booth re-opens today!

It’s raining again, but we don’t mind because there is a buzz of excitement in our home.

Our Visitor Booth has re-opened today and we are cautiously supporting our residents to welcome back their families and friends.

We have been constantly reviewing the national Covid-19 situation and our decision to re-open the Visitor Booth has been made due to the national decrease in Covid-19 infections, and Covid-19 related deaths.

All the visiting will be in a controlled manner, and sadly will avoid any physical contact, for the time being. At least there will be an opportunity to see one another through the perspex window of the Visitor Booth. We know that many of our families are anxious to be reunited with their loved ones despite the effective virtual communication methods we have been relying upon.

The government message is to stay at home, but we fully appreciate there is a balance to strike for the mental wellbeing of our residents and their families.

We've stayed safe and carried on!

We've stayed safe and carried on!

One year ago today, 16th March 2020, we closed our doors to non-essential visitors. We never imaged we would be all still suffering from the effects of COVID-19!

The decisive and often difficult actions we have taken to prevent Covid from entering our home, have helped us to stay Covid-19 FREE throughout the pandemic!

Our tremendous staff have carried on regardless of the challenges and difficulties that Covid has brought. The team have maintained a positive spirit and have done all they can to ensure our residents have been able to continue to communicate with their loved ones.

New methods of communication have involved portals, FaceTime, WhatsApp, emails, phone calls and good old fashioned letters and cards.

Our families have remained grateful for our increased efforts and their encouragement and good wishes have helped us to “carry on”.

2nd Vaccinations are completed!

2nd Vaccinations are completed!

The Covid-19 vaccination program has been rolled out to our vulnerable residents and all staff that work in the home. Our vaccination uptake has been welcomed and a sense of relief and optimism, because we have had “our jabs”, has started to trickle around the home.

We have extended our visiting to indoor nominated visitors - it has been fantastic for our residents to be able to hold hands with their loved ones again. Our purpose built Visitor Booth has been providing safe and comfortable visiting and our appointment arrangements are working effectively. Outdoor visiting has commenced again and this has made it possible for flexible visits for families and friends.

We are all feeling more hopeful and optimistic especially with the warm and sunny days that arrived last week. Let’s hope the sun shines again soon and we can start to enjoy our beautiful rear garden.

Happy May Bank Holiday! Bring on the sunshine!

Happy May Bank Holiday!  Bring on the sunshine!

After one of the wettest Mays on record, the Bank Holiday Weekend is set to have scorching temperatures. Hurrah!

Our garden furniture is sitting and waiting for action. The plump cushions are ready to jump on to the garden chairs and benches, the can’t wait to be sat on! Our sun umbrellas are just waiting to be baked with sunshine! Fingers crossed for an accurate forecast.

We have an “actioned packed” weekend planned for those residents who choose to join in our many and varied activities. These include; Manicures and Hand Massages, Movement to Music, Quiz Time, Higher and Lower Game, Sunday Lunchtime Drinks Party, two resident Birthdays, Knit & Natter, Puzzle Time to name but a few! Phew - that’s just some of the plans for the next 3 days! There’s never a dull moment here but no pressure to join in!

Our fabulous team will be sharing the staff rotas and duties over the weekend with enhanced wages to show them how much we appreciate their dedication and commitments. This gives our residents and their families piece of mind and confidence that they will be in safe and experienced hands. We NEVER have agency staff on any of our staff rota - ever!

Let’s raise a glass and a small toast to our fabulous team.

Vintage Tea Parties are always popular!

Vintage Tea Parties are always popular!

Our Vintage Tea Parties have become a regular feature on our Activity and Entertainments program.

Our collection of Bone China cups and saucers, and plates add to the excitement of the event. Why does tea from a Bone China cup always taste so great?

Dainty sandwiches and savouries, sweet cakes and treats are displayed on pretty china tiered cake plates. Our residents appetites are stimulated and there are always compliments to our Chef who takes great care to make the event special.

There’s always something for our residents to look forward to and we will continue with our themed food events because our residents tell us how much they enjoy them.

Caribbean in Leckhampton!

Caribbean in Leckhampton!

In true Hampton House style we held a Caribbean Themed Lunch and afternoon Quiz today!

Our Chef produced menus to capture the idea of tropical foods and exotic tastes. We let our imaginations transport us to sun kissed beaches and the sound of rolling waves! Oh, not forgetting the calypso music in the background!

It certainly seemed that everyone was having fun - our photo reflect that our residents got into the spirit. The popular rum punch probably helped!

3rd Covid Boosters are all done!

3rd Covid Boosters are all done!

All the residents have received their 3rd Covid vaccination, commonly referred to as the “Booster”. We are relieved to know that they have all obtained additional vaccine protection, especially as the Covid case numbers nationally are starting to rise again!

The ever efficient Doctor from the Leckhampton Surgery and nurse, set up a Covid clinic for our residents and within a short time everyone had been jabbed!

Flu jabs were also administered to everyone, especially since there is the worry that Flu this year may be more prevalent.

Our staff team have received their Boosters through local vaccination sites.

All our staff are Covid vaccine compliant. Everyone knows that we are all “doing our bit” in the fight against Covid as they continue to work in these challenging times.

Our Mission Statement

"To provide a distinctive individual care experience, which exceeds each resident's expectations and makes us feel proud and unique."