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News: March 2020

We are still accepting admissions but sorry restrictions in place for visitors.


16th March 2020

Dear Residents, Families, Friends and Visitors

We, at Hampton House, are sure you are concerned by the major issues our country now faces with the escalating situation with Coronavirus. We are all facing extraordinary and unprecedented times. We have not experienced anything like this situation before.

It is apparent that scientific evidence and knowledge of Coronavirus, is developing as the virus has spread and our guidance has continued to change, during the spread of the virus in recent weeks. We have been acting responsibly and effectively, to assist with the containment of the virus. We have been constantly evaluating, reviewing and implementing the necessary actions that have been directed to us from government bodies, over the last few weeks. However, it has now become apparent that we all now need to significantly change our strategies in order to protect life.

Our top priority is to protect the lives of our residents and the wellbeing of our staff. We have decided to change our Visiting Policy and implement NO VISITORS to Hampton House, as a sensible and temporary precaution. We believe that this effective measure is a necessary step, we must take with immediate effect to protect our residents and our staff. The only exception to this measure will be for health care related professionals, hairdressers and chiropodists.

Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, has announced that in order to get through this “health crisis” the focus must now be to “take effective measures to protect the vulnerable people in our society.” We have followed his advice and introduced this additional precaution and this unexpected action.

It is uncertain how long this situation may last, and we recognise this is distressing for all concerned while we face these “major issues” as the number of Coronavirus infected cases and deaths are rising. We have considered the potential damage to our residents’ social wellbeing, but recognise that our responsibility and goal must be the need to save and protect lives.

We do not know how long, or if this decision to restrict visitors is sustainable. Matt Hancock has confirmed that “getting through this health crisis will be a national effort”. We may be asking you all, for your help, and for your practical support in the coming weeks, and possibly months ahead. We are anticipating there are likely to be many obstacles ahead.

At present our residents will be able to continue to interact with one another socially, and use our communal areas as they would in normal circumstances. At present, our residents are free to leave the building if they choose to. We would encourage they on go out for medical appointments and refrain from social engagements.

We will be continuing to accept new residents. Every effort will continue to be made to ensure new admissions are appropriate for the Hampton House environment.

We are obviously concerned for the health and wellbeing of our committed and hard-working staff. The resilience they have already shown in these challenging times has already been impressive. We all rely on their dedication and support, to ensure that our residents continue to receive the high levels of care they deserve and expect. The qualities the staff all continue to demonstrate are a true testament to their calm attitude and professional manner.

Our staff are all working very hard to continue to deliver the care and services to our residents. We have introduced additional tasks for the staff to complete, associated with additional safety precautions that we have recently been implemented. These tasks are taking additional staff time. We urge you please DO NOT TELEPHONE HAMPTON HOUSE for information and updates.

We suggest that you use direct telephone communications with our residents and each other. Please telephone at a time of day when you anticipate the resident is likely to be in their bedroom and avoid involving our staff. We suggest for those residents who don’t have their own telephone line you purchase a mobile phone for their use. Our staff are willing to assist with the recharging of devices.

We urge you - DO NOT TO COME TO THE FRONT DOOR, to gain information or updates, or pass on well wishes to the residents. Our staff will be unable to provide you with information via this method of communication.

We welcome your communications to one another via the post, and we will be happy to arrange for the outgoing post to be posted regularly.

For more information or for individual questions please communicate via email to myself, Roz Elliott, the Registered Manager and Proprietor. You will receive my email response in a timely manner, but please be aware that we now face extreme pressures to continue to absorb constantly changing government directives and operate as normally as we possibly can.

We welcome any ideas or suggestions you would like us to consider, while we constantly review and assess the situation. Please communicate via email.

Please be assured we are all doing our very best in these unprecedented times. May we thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and support.

Many thanks

Roz Elliott

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